About Me

Marguerite and Leo in April, 2018.

I grew up in Covington, LA and first moved to Atlanta in 2011 when I began my undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2016 and decided to stay a little longer to earn my PhD.

I grew up riding horses and with two cats and a dog. I’ve always loved animals, especially cats (sorry dog people), and during my undergraduate studies I discovered that I really love fluid mechanics too. In the Hu Lab, I found I could combine my love for animals and nature as well as my scientific interests. I still ride horses when I go home to visit, and once I’ve graduated I hope to get back into horseback riding more regularly.

Besides my research, I enjoy running and doing yoga. I love to read – my favorite genres are biographies, historical novels, mysteries, and fantasy. Right now I am re-reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  If you’d like to recommend your favorite book send me a message on my contact page!