I am a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech. I work in David Hu’s Biolocomotion Lab, and I am interested in how living organisms use fluid mechanics to survive in their environments. I began studying honey bees as an undergraduate student and have continued my research into grad school.

Marguerite and undergraduate researcher Oliver Howington film bees depositing their pollen loads in the comb.

Currently I am interested in studying how honey bees collect and transport pollen during the pollination process. I also study how mammals use their tails to deter biting insects from landing.

Marguerite and undergraduate researcher Kasey Cockerill studying how mosquitoes are affected by a swishing mammal tail.

After I graduate, I want to become a professor and continue studying biological systems from an engineering perspective. I specifically want to use my knowledge of fluid mechanics to discover how animals, from insects to mammals, have evolved to best survive in their environments.

Marguerite and Pye in a Halloween costume contest in 2004. Predicting my future research interests!

Header photo credit: Candler Hobbes