My name is Alex Bo Lee; I’m a PhD candidate in Quantitative Biosciences. My research is on bubbles. I mostly look at the fluid mechanics of bubbles and surface tension, but I really love learning about living systems and the crazy things that organisms can do.

I studied Mathematical and Computational Biology at Harvey Mudd College. Then I went to the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso as a middle school Math and Science Teacher. Between Peace Corps and graduate school, I worked as a salsa dancer and instructor for a studio in San Diego.

In second grade, my teacher taught us a unit on bubblology. We would cover the desks in soap and measure how large of a bubble dome we could blow, and test out different techniques of how to keep a bubble floating in the air. Some twenty years later, I’m now getting a PhD in bubbles.

If you have questions about my work, or want to tell me about the cool stuff you do, contact me at ablee@gatech.edu