Interfacial fluids mechanics, ME 8863             Fall 2013

I expanded the graduate fluid mechanics courses at Georgia Tech.  This course covers the mechanics of small parcels of fluid where surface tension forces are dominant.  This material is particularly useful for advancing biology and microfluidics.

Viscous flow, ME 6602                                                Spring 2013

I replaced this lecture-based course with a series of modules to be completed in a problem-based learning environment.  I took advantage of the classrooms in the Whitaker building to allow the students to work in groups on their modules.

Graduate fluid mechanics, ME 6601                 Fall 2011

I completely restructured this pre-existing course around a mathematical treatment of fluid mechanics with an emphasis on the use of scaling, Einstein notation, and physical intuition.

Undergraduate Courses


Research Project Laboratory, BIO 4590                      Spring 2010

I completely restructured this pre-existing course around a new theme on mechanics of ant aggregations, created a semester’s worth of new lectures and built new laboratory equipment for the course for the study of ant locomotion.  Particular attention was paid to teaching biologists to perform quantitative mechanical measurements.


Fluid Mechanics, ME 3340                               Fall 2008, Fall 2009

I taught this course with an emphasis on biomechanics and flows in nature.  I introduced a new 2-week module on scaling and dimensional analysis and its use in nature.


Thermal Fluids Engineering, ME3720:             Fall 2010